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Theta is a 2D runner game, designed for Android tablets.

It's set in the universe of the comic L'Incal, wrote by Jodorovsky and drawn by Moebius.

You are Orh, in his Incal form, in the previous space-time from the one of the comic. And you follow Olivier Lefol, a simple human choose by destiny to save the whole universe. You have the ability to transmut Lefol in 4 elementary state, so you can lead him through the Theta Dream to the heart of the Great Fire, destructor of the space-time.


Game Designers: Benjamin Briche, Merlin Ismet, Vianney Le Saux, Bruce Williams.

Game Artists: Ludovic Chatin, Julien Deswarte, Nicolas Drouart, Gaël Gilly Poitou, Nicolas Ruffin, Aurélien Zaffra.

Game Programers: Benjamin Dubois, Valentin Delporte.

Sound Designers: Aina Andrian, Lucas Filebeen.

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Tags2D, android, incal, jodorovsky, moebius, Runner, tablet

Install instructions

Download the .apk file.

Put it on your Android tablet (or smartphone, but the larger the better !).

/!\ Require a mobile device with gyroscope in order to work!

From the file explorer, open the .apk and instal (you have to enable the unknown installation on your smartphone).

Let's play !


Theta_Android.apk 163 MB

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